Womens Plus Size Skinny  Jeans

Womens Plus Size Skinny Jeans

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For many women, the decision to shop for plus size jeans is difficult. Most women are aware of what their body type is and they know that women’s plus size skinny jeans has to be more supportive and fit them a bit more snugly than what they would be comfortable with in general. Another great feature that plus size skinny jeans have is that you can wear them almost anywhere. If you have a little bit of a longer torso, then you can wear your skinny jeans underneath a tank top. This gives you a nice, casual look that many people enjoy wearing when they are not attending a formal event. You can also wear your jeans around your waist, if that is where your butt and thighs are. There are some features you want to look for in the right jeans for your body type. First, make sure they are stretchy and easy to put on. Also, make sure that your jeans are not too tight around the waist or ankles. If you want to be comfortable while wearing your jeans, they should be a little loose so you can wear them any place you want.


  1. Long Lasting
  2. Comfortable
  3. Has a Casual Look


  1. Size Information in Inches
  2. 2XL/US= waist: 33.1”, hips: 41.3”, inseem: 29.5”, length: 40.2”,
  3. 3XL/US= waist: 34.6”, hips: 42.9”, inseem: 29.9”, length: 40.6”,
  4. 4XL/US= waist: 36.2”, hips: 44.5”, inseem: 30.3”, length: 40.9”.
  5. 5XL/US= waist: 37.8”, hips: 46.1”, inseem: 30.7”, length: 41.3”,
  6. 6XL/US= waist: 39.4”, hips: 47.6”, inseem: 31.1”, length: 41.7”,
  7. 7XL/US- waist: 40.9”, hips: 49.2”, inseem: 31.5”, length: 42.1”,
  8. Material
  9. Denim
  10. Garment Care
  11. Machine Wash


Pattern Type:Solid


Waist Type:High

Closure Type:Zipper

Pant Style:Jeans

Fit Type:Regular

What you get:1 X Pants