10 Staple Clothing Items a Woman Must Have In Her Wardrobe

10 Staple Clothing Items a Woman Must Have In Her Wardrobe

1. White Crisp T-Shirt

A well-fitting, crisp, white t-shirt can't go wrong. You can wear it with other items on its own or cover it with.  It is a cost-effective and flexible product you can use all year round. Make sure you have a well-fitting white t-shirt that is not too loose or too tight, with a neckline that complements your body shape. Choose a length you can wear comfortably, whether or not you want to tuck it in. Don't forget to stock up until you find a brand and style you like — the options are uncountable when it comes to styling this piece of clothing, and before you've worn them all, you don't want to try it out!

2.  Dress Shirt

A well-fitted dress shirt can be used for work and recreation. If you are going for a more casual look, pair it with jeans. Pair it with slacks, a pencil skirt, or and top it off with a blazer for a more professional or corporate look. Dress shirts come in a range of fabrics, including cotton, silk, and a blend of poly-cotton.

3. Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses are great because they flatter on almost all types of bodies. It's practically a whole wardrobe on its own; all you need to add is a stylish pair of heels and a purse. You can cover them with other clothing pieces, too. Whether you wear your wrap dress over a perfect skinny jeans for women or throw a blazer over it, you can achieve a different look.

4. Little Black Dress

Every woman has to have a little black dress. Here are a couple of ways you can kill it with a black dress:

  1. Wear it with sexy heels.
  2. Layer a blouse with more professional events on top of it.
  3. For a dressed-down look, wear it with more casual shoes, like sneakers or sandals.
  4. Wear an edgier feel by putting on some suede or leather boots.
  5. Wear a turtleneck underneath.

Ironically, the most versatile dresses are not that tiny. A black little knee-length dress with a high neckline will easily go from day to night.

5. Flapping Jeans

Everyone wants a decent pair of jeans for denim. It's important to take your time to choose the right pair so you can find something flattering as well as comfortable.

Here's a simple guide on selecting a flattering cut for different kinds of women's high waist jeans for different body types:

  1. Hourglass figure – jeans with a contoured waistband or high-waist jeans
  2. Thin – straight jeans for the thighs, high-waist jeans with flares or distressed cuts in dark colors
  3. Boyfriend Jeans or high-rise Jeans
  4. High-jeans with flares or low-level jeans
  5. Plus-size – high-waist jeans, skinny jeans or relaxed jeans
  6. Flat behind – jeans with a short midrise or wide back pockets
  7. Long torso-jeans with long inseams or high-rise
  8. Long body-Jeans hip-hugging or low-waist jeans

This guide is excellent in narrowing down your options, but it is important to try to find the best fit for your jeans. Do not be scared to invest in your jeans-remember; for years, you can use a good pair of denim.

6. Skirt with knee length

If you're not big on dresses and want just a couple of them in your wardrobe, the way to go is a knee-length top. Knee-length skirts can be casual, work-appropriate, and formal — you just have to know what to pair with them!

Here are a few ways to put on your skirt and dress up:

  1. Casual – pair it with sneakers and a t-shirt.
  2. Work – match it with a blazer, a dress shirt, and a pump.
  3. Formal – top it off with a heel and a blouse.
  4. Slacks in Black

Black slacks are perfect Jeans options when you need to look more suited. They allow you to fit in professional and formal settings well.

7. Bathrobe

You are not only supposed to feel great when you're out and about. Investing in the wardrobe you use at home, like a luxurious bathrobe, is equally important. A bathrobe can functionally keep you dry and warm after you take a bath. But it also serves another purpose, such as:

  1. Keep the morning warm while having breakfast.
  2. Cover up at the beach or by the pool.
  3. Simple slip-on as you plan for special events, such as weddings.
  4. Companion for a night in for children.
  5. Leave you feeling warm while you're feeling under the weather.

A good bathrobe is essential to a wardrobe. You invest in the rest and relaxation you deserve when you invest in a nice bathrobe.

8. Blazer

Even if you're not working in an office, a blazer is a simple wardrobe that works at any season. The quick use of a blazer brings a degree of elegance to an ensemble. This can be paired with jeans, a shirt, or even a coat. With boots, tops, or sneakers, it'll go very well too.

9.  Sensible Flats

It is good to have a few pairs of sensible flats which you can take to your chores from work. There are so many flats to choose from these days! You might try loafers, mules, or ballet shoes. Pick colors that are neutral so they can be easily incorporated into your outfits.

10.  White Sneakers

White sneakers go with whatever it takes! You can style them on casual Fridays with your favorite pair of jeans, with your little black dress and even with office outfits. All-white sneakers are subtle so that too many outfits won't clash with them. White sneakers, unlike other regular running shoes, still have that put-to-together look that allows for more versatility.

Staples of clothing are versatile pieces that you can wear in different ways and different situations. That's why they're never going out of style, and you can easily add trendier items to those simple wardrobe. Whenever you buy women's clothing online to build your closet, remember that quality is better than quantity. These are pieces you will be able to wear for a long time, thus make a good choice.