How to Wear a Bodysuit Perfectly?

How to Wear a Bodysuit


If you wish to find style and convenience in one piece of clothing, a bodysuit could be perfect for you. They are universally satisfying and layer easily, making them ideal for any weather. To fashion, a bodysuit, layer it with a jacket or sweater, and then dress it up or down with bottoms. Add some accessories to finish the look before heading out.

Choosing a Bodysuit

1: Select a bodysuit that flatters your favorite feature

With so many styles and options, the bodysuit can indeed be universally flattering. To discover a bodysuit that looks great on you, reflect on what part of your body you want to highlight. For instance, if you are proud of your toned arms, opt for a sleeveless or halter-neck bodysuit otherwise opt for long sleeve bodysuit for women.


2: Initiate with a T-shirt style bodysuit if you are warming up to the trend

Go with something relaxed, comfortable, and familiar to see if bodysuits are your thing. T-shirt style bodysuits are excellent for layering with casual outfits as they look elegant and seamless, and they won’t come untucked. Pick a capped sleeve for a more ladylike look. For instance, you could style a simple outfit with a white short-sleeved bodysuit and a pair of strapped boyfriend jeans, complete the look with a pair of suede ankle boots.


3: Style a bodysuit with a deep V-neck for a bolder look

This will make your get-up look a little dressed-up and sexier. You could also opt for a V neckline with a laced-up element, or otherwise opt for a simple and sleek piece. For example, you can wear a black lace-up bodysuit with a caramel-colored suede skirt and some tall black boots.


4: Opt for a backless or sheer-backed bodysuit for a sexier option

Bodysuits with lace panels give your outfit a bold, night-out feel. You can wear these as a part of your daytime outfit for a change. For instance, you could pair a black sheer-backed bodysuit with a blouse or miniskirt, black tights, and black leather ankle boots.


5: Search for a bodysuit made of very stretchy material if you are tall

Finding a bodysuit that fits easily and comfortably can sometimes be a challenge for taller people. Since there are no straps to adjust a bodysuit, you don’t have many options for fit. Look for materials with high fractions of nylon, rayon for the most stretch. For instance, look for a bodysuit made of rayon. This fabric is extremely stretchy and works as an inexpensive imitation for silk, cotton, or linen.


6: Layer a button-down shirt over your bodysuit for a professional look

Pair a crisp women long sleeve t-shirts or button-down dress shirt in a solid color or a pattern and with a neutral-colored bodysuit, such as black, gray, or white. Unbutton the top buttons and leave the shirt loose to make your look more casual. Pair this look with some dress pants or trousers for work, or with jeans for wearing around your home.


Layering with Tops and Jackets

1: Put on a sweater over a turtleneck bodysuit for a comfortable look

Bodysuits are best for pairing with sweaters because they are thin and would not bunch up. This look is comfortable, relaxed, yet still stylish, and it is a perfect staple for a young professional’s wardrobe. For an autumnal outfit, you can wear a white turtleneck bodysuit under a chunky-knit mustard sweater with a pair of medium-wash jeans. Compete for the look with a pair of olive or black ankle boots.


2: Wear a blazer on your bodysuit to make it work-appropriate

Since bodysuits already look seamless and crisp, all you need to do is add a blazer in your work outfit. You could opt for a simple option, such as classic black or grey tweed. You could also mix up and add a pop of color with a forest green blazer. For instance, you could pair a white and black striped bodysuit with a classic black blazer and some maroon tailored trousers. Finish the look with heels, preferably black.


3: Wear on a denim jacket for a normal daytime outfit

Wearing a denim jacket over a bodysuit is the best technique to keep your outfit casual but still attractive. Whether light, dark or medium wash, a denim jacket is perfect for running errands or going to casual events like sports tournaments. For an informal outfit, wear a short-sleeved, white and black-striped bodysuit with some a light-wash denim jacket and high-waist fitted black pants. Add a pair of white slip-on to complete the look.


4: Wear a lightweight duster jacket over your bodysuit on a night out

 To add some style and a little warmth, layer a lightweight duster jacket over your bodysuit. For example, wear a black bodysuit with some fitted black jeans and a long, black duster jacket for a fresh, one-color night-out outfit.