Eight Fashion Mistakes You Might Be Making

Eight Fashion Mistakes You Might Be Makin

We have all tried to make the sweater we had bought a few years ago still fit or threw our new top in the dryer only to have it shrink to a size that will never fit you. Perhaps you were in a hurry and grabbed a long sleeve t-shirt only to find they were undoubtedly on sale for a reason. Whatever your body type, or closet struggles, below are eight fashion mistakes to avoid and a few tips to refresh your style.


1. Buying Clothes Too Small

Stop getting hung up on remaining the same size forever and start buying clothes for the size of your current body. If you keep purchasing clothes smaller than your size, you will look like a broken or busted can of biscuits. When you purchase clothes that fit your body perfectly, you will look thinner and feel much better. It is much better than the continuous battle of trying to keep everything sucked and inserted.


2. Buying Clothes Too Large

On the other, buying clothes a lot bigger than your size is not good. This does not hide your problem areas but highlights them and can make you look like a huge lady. Being fashionable has nothing to do with being a size zero. You definitely wouldn’t be making this mistake when you buy women’s long sleeve t-shirts, jumpsuits, rompers or any kind of apparel from Ultimate Needs.


3. Over Accessorizing

You don’t need a statement necklace, a belt, dangly earrings, and a fringe bag to look good because all these accessories worn together can become a little too much. Why do you want to distract others from your beautiful face with all these shiny objects? Keep it stylish and simple. Focus on clean outlines and wear one show-stopping accessory at a time.


4. Flip-Flops

Flip-flops are not shoes. Flip-flops are a travel tool that you can only pack for a stroll from the hotel to the sand in your beach bag ,or in the laundry compartment of your suitcase for use in grimy hostel or spa showers. For the sake of hygiene, don't be that person wearing flip-flops in the airport security line or on the plane.For the sake of fashion don't wear them walking around unfamiliar streets of the city without matching outfits.


5. Saying I Just Hate Shopping or I Don’t Have Time

Do you repeatedly wear the same five outfits to work because you just don’t have the time to shop or hate going shopping in crowded malls? This is no longer an acceptable excuse! It is 2020, and there are several home delivery websites online who have clothes to fit all body type and style, and you don’t even have to leave your house. Online shopping is like sending yourself a present every month, and what you don’t like or does not fit; you can send back and get another clothing in its place that perfectly fits.


6. Not Purchasing for Your Body Type

You must not care how cute or attractive an outfit looks if it is not in your size. A waist jumpsuit is going to look terrible on more than half of the population. Do not get caught up in styles or fast fashion! Always remember, the whole point is to make you look good and feel good. Pick silhouettes such as women's long sleeve romper that will compliment your best features. Whether you want to emphasize a small waist or disguise a problem area, think about a part on your body and how it hits your body. Also, be aware of the current trending colors and patterns. Coral or orange is a color that looks great on nearly all skin types, but you still need to be careful with mustard shades as it can wash some people out. The same goes for large-scale prints. If you are short, a big print maxi can overtake you if the silhouette is too much covered.


7. Playing it Safe

Are you the kind of girl who only opts or buys one color? Is your closet full of black and grey clothes? Then you are playing it too safe and most likely have a boring sense of style. Don’t be afraid of vibrant colors. It is amazing how some colors and delicate floral can enhance not only your appearance but also your attitude. Start slow and gradually bring in pieces you love but never thought you could wear. You will be amazed at the response you will get from your friends and co-workers.


8. Ignoring Cleaning and Care Instructions

We sometimes get too excited about purchasing a new dress or pair of shoes that we completely ignore how to maintain and care for these expensive and valuable items. You have spent a lot of money and time cultivating your closet, so be sure and follow the essential rules directed.


We hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you make the correct decisions when it comes to buying clothes. At Ultimate Needs, we have a fantastic array of clothing items available for you to choose from.  We have everything from jeans to sundresses at an affordable price.  Visit our online store today and you will not be disappointed.