5 Steps to Nail the Short-Sleeved Shirt

Five Steps to Nail the Short Sleeve Shirt

Men’s short-sleeved or button-up shirts are dreaded by menswear beginners and experts alike. But the short-sleeve button-up shirt is certainly a menswear staple that is critical to many looks, as well as an article of clothing that must be in every man's wardrobe. Still, there are important keys to pulling off the short-sleeved button-up.


1. Fix the Fit

Even though we pledge to the notion that mostly any fit can be pulled off if carried properly. The simple thing to understand on fit for short-sleeved shirts is to wear them slim but not close-fitting. Let the joins of the shoulders hit right at or slightly above the point of your shoulder. Make sure you can button the neck easily, but that the chest buttons do not pull apart when you make arm movements. Most-essentially, make sure the sleeves fit close to your arms and do not billow or pop out at an angle.


2. Find Your Color

If you are aware of what colors look good on you, then you should be fine. But if you don't know what colors look good on you, then you have a significant problem. Shades of yellow look great on darker skin but will turn a whitish person sallow. White and black shades work well on pretty much each person, as do navy blue or chambray.

If you cannot decide on what color best looks on you, then ask a salesperson or bring along a friend who has a great dressing sense. Whichever color you choose for a short-sleeved shirt, you will also have to match with the rest of your outfit accordingly. Again, this is where black and white shades can help. They match everything, so does denim. Never go for more difficult matches like purple and red until you know what you are doing.


3. Watch Your Prints

Prints can get complicated, and especially so for men’s short-sleeved shirts, as the item is less formal. If you are starting, the easy solution is to avoid prints altogether or stick with something simple, like plaids or stripes. The designer of any attractive shirt has already made sure that the colors in their prints work together while designing it, so if you need to pay attention to the color step, and you will easily buy the best prints. Just get the accurate or right colors for your skin tone, and stick to plain pants or denim.


4. Sweat the Details

For a less complicated item, like a slim fit men’s short sleeve shirt or short-sleeved button-up, the most important details to pay consideration to are all in the collar, and there are three main collar types, the point collar the button-down collar, and convertible collar. The button-down collar is the most simple and most comfortable to wear and offers the most styling choices. If you wish to wear your top button, but don't want to go full convertible, then this is your finest option.

It can also be worn in warm or hot weather with a tie and coat or buttoned up, pulling off a short-sleeve shirt and tie with no sport coat above as it is so difficult to wear. It is possible to wear, but you probably should not even consider it. The point collar is an uncomfortable one here. It is going to look best with the top button fastened, as a point collar has a tendency to flop around and outspread when worn unbuttoned. Some softer point collars, like you, might see on a short-sleeved button-up, are made to be worn unbuttoned, but in our eye, they still usually look messy.

The convertible collar, which is what you will see on an authentic Aloha shirt, is made to be worn unbuttoned and is the least multipurpose and least formal of the three. It usually appears on a square-hem shirt that is made to be worn un-tucked. But, it has got a great retro look and has been coming back in fashion, can be viewed again up on runways, and riding the Aloha floral trend back into relevancy.

A true convertible collar lacks a collar stand, that stiff bit of material that builds a collar up off the neck of a shirt and must lay wide and flat. Go for this with retro-cool square bottom or Hawaiian shirts. Wear it to a weekend barbecue, beach but not the office.


5. See the Silhouette

Silhouette is closely linked to fit, but is the actual shape of the shirt, and how this shape connects with the rest of your outfit. The Aloha shirt, with its square bottom and boxed fit, is a clear example here, and one where you are going to want a slim fit combined with other slimmer items. The coolest and easiest way to create an attractive and pleasing to the overall eye silhouette is to keep your other items, like your jeans, in the same proportion as your shirt, which ought to make a well-integrated shape.


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